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  • Corkbacked Placemats UK Size

    At Plymouth Pottery we supply a range of classic cork backed placemats and coasters. The soft cork base of these rigid tablemats has been the standard style in the UK since the 1930s as the standard format for protecting your dining table from the wear and tear of mealtimes. With designs for all tastes these Plymouth Pottery placemats UK size, bring a coordinated colour to your dining room. This style can be easily and cheaply switched whenever you wish to bring a different colour palette to your room setting. The durable, heat sealed, surface of our UK sized corkbacked tablemat sets protects the artwork as well as keeping your dining or kitchen table free from scratches, scuffs and stains.

    Modern and Stylish Placemat Designs

    To bring a bright and lively look to your dinner table we offer a selection of avant-garde placemat designs, such as the Harlequin funky placemats and coasters, or the snazzy Majestic stylish placemats which feature a selection of coloured squares and can be an interesting talking point at your dinner parties. Not all of the UK Plymouth Pottery tablemats and coasters designs can be described as hip or modern placemats as we include a range of floral and classic patterns which blend nicely with any kitchen or dining room décor, such as the pale blue White Poppies design. Through to the warm, colourful and contemporary placemats UK version of the Sunset design.

    Square, Rigid Drinks Coasters

    The corkbacked square coasters have the same pattern as the UK size tablemats and are created to accompany them as matching placemats and coasters sets for your dining table. These drinks coasters can also be strategically placed around your home to prevent those unwanted moisture rings from appearing on your surfaces, from coffee tables through to your study table. Easy to clean, like the Plymouth Pottery placemats, these rigid coasters just need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

    Modern Fleximats

    A more recent addition to our range of tableware are the Fleximats collection of woven vinyl placemats. A modern floppy type of placemat, designed by Plymouth Pottery primarily for preventing scuffs and scratches to your dining table during daily use. Can be easily stored when not being used. At 45xm x 35cm they are slightly larger than the standard UK placemat size as these modern table mats can comfortably hold both your cutlery and dinner plate. Fleximats are available in a selection of simple designs and various colours, such as the Celeste Fleximats woven vinyl pattern.

    Colourful Placemats Designs

    Apart from protecting your valuable dining-table, it is nice to bring a touch of colour to liven up your kitchen or dining room. The Plymouth Pottery colourful placemats feature designs which are selected for their brightness and cheery outlook, such as the Harlequin corkbacked table mats which depict repeating mosaic squares of colour including shades of orange, red and brown or the vibrant Majestic dining table mats. As well as bright colourful placemats there are more earthy neutral colours that can be found in the Fleximats collection or the Plymouth Pottery Daisy Squares floral tablemats of soft yellow and brown shades.

    Melamine UK Placemats

    Traditional, plain coloured UK made melamine placemats are available in the Regal Pro range by Plymouth Pottery. Durable collection of hardwearing placemats UK made, corkbacked with a strong heart-sealed melamine surface. Designed for use in hotels, care homes, pubs and restaurants, placemats robust enough for situations where increased wear and tear is expected, as well as domestic environments where a strong hard surface is required. These classic, traditional melamine tablemats are available in a selection of single colours, such as the Regal Pro Blue which are enhanced with an attractive soft gold border.

    FAQ - UK Tablemats and Coasters

    Are the cork backed mats rigid?
    Yes, the centre of the tablemats is a solid 5mm thick hardboard, the surface is a hard lacquer.

    Is the melamine surface food safe?
    The melamine is foodsafe and designed to be easily cleaned as well as durable.

    Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes, there is a free shipping option for all UK delivery addresses which takes around 3-5 days and a paid service which takes 1-2 days.

    Will the Fleximats tablemats stop liquid from reaching my dining table?
    Not always, the woven vinyl material of the Fleximats has small holes between the weave so water can get through, but other food stains should stay on the surface.

    Are the Fleximats rigid like the cork backed tablemats?
    No, these tablemats are a flopy material whereas the corkbacked mats are completely solid and rigid.

    What is the size of the tablemats?
    There are various size, the traditional cork backed rectangular mats are the standard UK size of 29.2cm x 21.6cm. The woven vinyl type are larger at 45cm x 35cm.

    Do you sell individual tablemats?
    No, all the tablemats are supplied as either sets of 6 for the corkbacked range and the Fleximats are sets of 4.

    What are the best tablemats options for my bar or restaurant?
    The most appropriate, in terms of surviving the high level of daily usage in a restaurant, is the plain melamine tablemats. Followed by the flexible Fleximats.

    Can I put my tablemats in a dishwasher?
    No, they aren't designed for being immersed in water. They should be just wiped clean with a damp cloth and then dried with a tea towel or similar soft cloth.