Dining Table Placemats

Dining Table Placemats

Elegant dining table placemats

Protect your furniture

If you are looking to convert your dining table into a daily celebration for mealtimes that your family and friends can enjoy regardless of the importance of the meal you are celebrating. The answer would be a set of elegant dining table placemats, these individually designed mats can be used for many occasions and create a touch of style and elegance for your table.

They will not only protect your tabletop from scratches or heat damage from dinner plates, but will generate a stylish decorated ambiance making the day a special event for your friends and family to enjoy and remember. The colourful Majestic is just one of the contemporary placemats range of of stylish modern placemats, UK sized, up-to-the-minute fashion wise and ready to brighten up your kitchen or dining table.

Plymouth Pottery Majestic placemats
contemporary dining table with Fleximats placemats

Unique styles of dining table placemats

One of the benefits of choosing a set of contemporary dining table placemats and coasters is that they will help convert a regular day into a special day, allowing you to enjoy those unique moments in a slow and relaxed manner. Stretching out the details of those memorable times, whether that is a dinner, lunch or every day breakfast, the right placemats and coasters can add a special something to those unique moments with your loved ones.

There is a wide variety of dining table placemats to choose from with designs including abstract flowers, stylish scenes of London tablemats or the colourful landscapes of the Summer Gold pattern. Any of which will be a wonderful surprise for your dinner guests, but even more importantly you will yourself feel great using such stylish placemats.

Comfort around your table

The idea is that by decorating your dining table placemats you not only have a great looking and well protected table, but they are very easy to maintain. With nothing more than a damp cloth you can easily wipe clean the surface of your corkbacked or woven vinyl placemats. This ease of maintenance and the durability of the tablemats allows them to stay in great condition for a long period of time.

The corkbacked dining table placemats are rigid with a hardboard centre and a soft cork backing, with the surface being heat-sealed to create all round protection from moisture and scratches to your furniture while protecting the stylish artwork under the surface of the tablemat.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a hot plate affect the varnished surface of your furniture leaving a heat ring which can be difficult to remove. Equally annoying is the damage that can be caused by the moisture ring from a cold wine glass or a hot cup of tea. No matter how hard we try and be careful, one of our dinner guests is going to be careless at some point. Which is why prevention is the best cure and using our mats and drinks coasters is the ideal solution to protect your surfaces, especially the ones with a lovely wood finish.

Even the best-laid plans can come unstuck, so if you see any sort of water or moisture landing on your precious surfaces it is crucial that you carefully wipe the offending water away as soon as possible. Without becoming paranoid or overly protective, after all the objective is to enjoy yourself with your friends and loved ones.

The woven vinyl Fleximats are floppy and flexible dining table placemats that provide a similar protective role as the cork backed placemats in preserving your precious furniture; particularly those tables with varnished wooden surfaces which are more susceptible to heat and moisture damage.

Plymouth Pottery Sable placemats - woven vinyl Fleximats