Blue corkbacked melamine drinks coasters, Regal Pro range by Plymouth Pottery, UK made
  • Blue corkbacked melamine drinks coasters, Regal Pro range by Plymouth Pottery, UK made
  • Pack of 6 Blue plain coloured melamine drinks coasters cork backed UK made tabletop protectors

Regal Blue Melamine Coasters - Set of 6

Blue melamine drinks coasters, UK made by Plymouth Pottery from the Regal Pro range. Heat resistant, durable rigid surface and corkbacked coaster set. Great for both domestic use and for catering professionals in pubs, restaurants or care homes. Plain creamy colour with yellow-gold lines around the edge, more than capable of protecting your furniture for many years.

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  • Pack of 6
  • Coasters measure: 10 x 10cm (4" x 4")
  • Melamine surface, hardboard centre, corkbacked base
  • Unboxed
  • Matching placemats available

Melamine coasters, UK made

Catering standard coaster set

Classic style of melamine coasters by Plymouth Pottery which are made in the UK and have a very hard, robust melamine surface, a hardboard centre to keep the coaster rigid and a layer on the base of soft cork to stop your furniture from getting scratched. These catering standard drinks coasters are extremely versatile and can be used in both formal dining occasions or casually placed around the home, where they can be conveniently slipped under a hot mug or ice cool wine glass.

Sometimes under rated in the past, the role of the coaster is crucial in protecting your work desk, dining table or coffee-table from the water rings and heat stains that can occur; particularly on wooden surfaces that have a varnish.

When the top surface of your furniture has been discoloured it’s not very easy to buff out these marks. Prevention is simpler and more straightforward and using a set of simple drinks coasters is not too difficult.

Variety of plain colours and UK size

Blue coloured coasters

In addition to these blue colour traditional designs from the Regal Pro range there are other plain colour coasters within the collection. They are all unobtrusive and blend in with many decorative styles. The blue colour is enhanced with soft gold lines around the border to create a classic stylish look. The other colours available can be coordinated with these blue coasters to create a mixed display on your table.

Square shaped, measuring a UK size of 10cm x 10cm (4” x 4”) with a depth of 3.8mm and supplied in sets of six. The UK made Blue coasters by Plymouth Pottery can be matched with the blue melamine placemats for using on your kitchen or dining table. The traditional appearance of these drinks coasters generates a look of quality to your tabletop.

Simple tabletop protectors

Another useful benefit of having melamine coasters is their ability to withstand damage from water and general moisture. This is the greatest threat to the appearance of coasters, as well as corkbacked placemats. Eventually standard coasters will start to show marks and stains underneath the top surface.

This process is difficult to avoid as when first heat and then moisture or spills are applied to the surface of the coaster and with the best will in the world this liquid is not always wiped off straight away. The advantage of melamine drinks coasters, as well as the placemats, is their heat resistance of 150ºC - this prevents hot mugs from weakening the hard surface, which in turn keeps the top layer intact and water resistant for a greater length of time.

Wiping your melamine coasters clean with a damp cloth is easy to do and is the best method of preserving them and ensuring they can keep your tabletop surfaces safe for many years.

Square 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4")
Set of 6
Care Instructions
Wipe with damp cloth
Heat resistant
Melamine upper surface, corkbacked base

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Lovely style

Very happy with these coasters, they were just like the photos and excellent value, definitely would recommend

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