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Corkbacked drinks coasters, hard surface

Drinks Coasters

Corkbacked drinks coasters to decorate and protect your surfaces from heat stains or spills. Stylish range of durable melamine or hard lacquer coasters in various colours with a non-slip cork backing.

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Corkbacked collection of drinks coasters

The best solution to protect our furniture from the stains and rings made by wine glasses or coffee mugs is a sturdy drinks coaster. There are various types of coaster available to buy made from all sorts of materials, but at Plymouth Pottery we have found the best results come from the hard, corkbacked sets of drinks coasters.

They are reusable and being hard with a heat-treated lacquer type surface they are very durable. Able to withstand the heat and moisture generated by hot mugs or spilled liquids from tumblers and glasses. Not only are the coaster sets and matching placemats a very practical option, but they have attractive designs which can blend nicely with the décor of your room.

With colourful abstract patterns such as the modern Majestic coasters they can also enhance and bring a splash of colour to your kitchen or dining room without being overbearing.

Matching placemats and coaster sets

As well as a standalone option to protect your study desk or coffee table, where you can have your drinks coasters on hand and ready to deploy at any moment, particularly when you have visitors and guests about to place their mug on your precious teak or mahogany furniture. Let’s face it, not everyone is as careful as they should be.

Setting your dining room or kitchen table with matching placemats and coasters makes a very attractive and stylish option at mealtimes and also keeps your surface free of marks and scuffs that can inevitably occur with plates and spills from glasses.

With a range of tablemats and coaster combinations for any occasion, from formal dining or casual kitchen dinners to the rush at breakfast time. There are plenty of designs to choose from, ranging from traditional floral patterns to contemporary modern coasters such as the Streets of London drinks coaster set.

Practical table protection and coaster size

The Plymouth Pottery coaster collection are all square in shape and typically measure a handy size 100mm x 100mm (4 x 4 inches) and are supplied as sets of six, such as the classic Hungry Cats coasters which feature five of our feline friends as painted by Jo Parry.

As well as protection for your table, the hard surface type of coaster we produce is easy to maintain. They just need to be wiped clean after use and to make sure any moisture from spills is swiftly removed. This ensures your corkbacked drinks coaster set will be protecting your table and valuable furniture for many years.

Why buy coasters?

It is normal to think that it is not really necessary to buy coasters because we use a tablecloth and these can manage the job of a coaster, but this is not the case. Generally speaking, cotton or linen tablecloths are very thin, so while covering the dining table and protecting it from scratches, they do not prevent water from getting through and staining the surface of the table. This is why it is crucial to use drinks coasters.

In this way you will protect both the table itself and the tablecloth. In addition, you will surely find some that you like, since the range of patterns and colours to choose from is really very diverse. Similarly, they can also be made in various materials, and depending on the use we are going to give them, we can select one type or the other.

At Plymouth Pottery we tend to prefer the square type with a soft cork base and a hard either lacquer or melamine top surface. This gives design options that can easily match the decorative style of the rest of your home. At the end of the day there are many possibilities you have to play around with including combining multiple designs of drinks coasters.