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Range of contemporary placemats and coasters, designs with an up-to-date style that bring some colour and brightness to your kitchen or dining room.

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Contemporary Placemats for your Dining Table

Naturally inspired contemporary placemats

Sometimes we don’t always pay as much attention as we should to how we show off our dining table, whatever the occasion, in the best way possible. This is a detail that we must not let escape, especially as the way we decorate our dining room table goes a long way to defining our own style and even our personality.

When you get to the point of always using the same decorative accessories it might be the time to tweak and brighten up the design with some contemporary placemats. The perfect choice for quickly changing the look of your dining room and surprising your dinner guests.

Within the world of contemporary placemats there is a wide range to choose from, in both material and design options, that will liven up your table décor for your next dinner party with friends or family. The design that will help achieve this goal is the Sunset cork backed placemats, UK sized by Plymouth Pottery. The natural earthy tones with a simple floral touch are a colourful and elegant way to decorate your dining table.

Contemporary placemats Sunset design on table
Stylish dining room table for Sunset contemporary placemats

Lively and bright contemporary placemats

The set of six Sunset cork backed placemats are rigid table protectors which bring a sense of elegance full of colour, with warm shades ranging from soft green, bold orange, brown and yellow. The overall look and feel of this marvellous country view with a setting sun brings a special moment to your lunch or dinner celebration.

The breath of fresh air provided by these contemporary placemats will give your table an appearance of modernity without losing the warmth and beauty of the comfortable dining setting, whether in your relaxed kitchen or a more formal dining room. The design can also be mixed and matched with other patterns such as the Radiance modern coasters or the equally stylish Majestic range.

Best quality contemporary placemats for your table

Made from the highest quality materials the Sunset cork backed placemats are durable and will allow you to enjoy this contemporary placemats design, as well as protecting your table, for many years. The top surface has a hard lacquer which is heat sealed and protects the Sunset artwork from damage. The 5.8mm thick hardboard centre of these tablemats is responsible for keeping the mats rigid, while the soft corkbacked base prevents any moisture or food as well as scuffs or scratches from damaging your dining table surface.

Along with the matching drinks coasters, UK square sized, One of the advantages of these contemporary placemats is that they can adapt to more or less any type of décor, from traditional through to modern. The Sunset colour scheme can blend and enhance the look and feel of your existing kitchen or dining room creating an elegant finish which is full of colour.

When looking to boost, or change, the appearance of your table and create a stylish up-to-date feel for your next dinner event, then the contemporary Sunset modern placemats by Plymouth Pottery are an excellent option to consider.

Contemporary placemats Sunset corkbacked design