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Classic corkbacked placemats. UK designed

Corkbacked Place Mats

Original cork backed placemats with a hardboard centre and either melamine or hard lacquer surface. Wide range of classic, modern and stylish corkbacked tablemats to protect your dining or kitchen table. Designed in the UK by a traditional British company.

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Corkbacked range of high quality placemats

Cork backed Plymouth Pottery placemats with a hard, rigid surface which has been heat sealed for extra durability, this protects the artwork from daily wear and tear. With a wooden hardboard centre, the Plymouth cork backed placemats are thicker than usual with a generous 5mm thickness.

Designed to not only prevent scratches and scuffing of your dining table, but also “fogging”, when hot plates leave a white mark on your varnished table.

These traditional, standard UK sized cork-backed place mats such as these cats tablemats are an easy to maintain solution to stylishly protect your table and can be wiped clean after use.

Colourful designs for kitchen or dining room

The variety of tablemat designs available allows you to select the pattern that perfectly matches your occasion, from formal dinners to casual kitchen dining.

A range of colour palettes makes it easy to choose the appropriate tablemats for the location or styling of your dining or kitchen table. Including timeless countryside scenes tablemats.

The combination of corkbacked tablemats and coasters are designed to match and complement each other, but can be used separately. The layer of cork applied to the base of the UK size placemat is sourced from environmentally responsible sources and fully complies with EU and US directives on production and manufacturing.

Cork base to protect your table

The central component of the Plymouth Pottery cork backed placemats consists of processed wood, mdf, which is pulped and heated. This forms a very hard place mat measuring around 5mm in depth, the cork base is then glued and heated to the raw wooden centre.

The design on the top surface is printed onto special paper which is then soaked in a type of lacquer and heated onto the wood and cork mat.

The final result is an attractive and durable corkbacked tablemat which brings both style and protection to your dining table. The Plymouth Pottery placemats, like the stylish Sunset design, arrive safely, sealed and packed as a set of six, within an attractive gift type box with a see-through cellophane lid.