Flexible, Fleximat woven vinyl placemats

Fleximat Placemats

Modern and stylish range of flexible placemats made from woven vinyl. Large size rectangular tablemats with a selection of colours to decorate and protect your dining room or kitchen table from scratches and scuffing.

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Woven vinyl tablemats

Woven vinyl Fleximats are the stylish and modern version of placemats to protect your kitchen or dining table. Made from a type of PVC material which is both strong and flexible giving you a high level of protection against scratches and scuffing from your dinner plates. These Plymouth Pottery tablemats are heat resistant to around 100ºC, which will be sufficient for typical hot plates, but not for anything straight from the oven.

Spills are going to be needed to be wiped up as soon as possible as the weave allows liquid to get through the gaps, but will prevent the majority of a liquid spill from landing straight onto your table. The weave can be seen on the image of the Steel Fleximats tablemats.

Large size flexible placemats

The shape is rectangular and these woven vinyl placemats are relatively large at a generous 45cm x 30cm, allowing you to place the cutlery alongside even the largest of dinner plates on the surface of each Fleximat tablemat.

With a selection of simple colours to choose from and with stylish minimalist patterns, such as the Lemon placemats, there should be something for everyone’s taste. Conveniently packed as sets of four.

The nature of the PVC material means the vinyl tablemats will not slip or easily move around when a plate is on top of them, preventing accidental swiping.

Easy to maintain Fleximats

These woven vinyl placemats have a flexibility that allows them to be rolled up and conveniently stored when not in use. They are not rigid, but neither are they as soft and floppy as something like a linen or cotton placemat or the other types of contemporary placemats from Plymouth Pottery.

Attractive designs like the Celeste Fleximats have a level of substance to them while still being flexible. Easy to maintain and with a level of durability. The tablemats can be wiped clean with a bit of soap and water and a soft cloth or sponge.

Stubborn stains can be dealt with carefully by a bleach based cleaning liquid if the stain will not come out with gentle scrubbing. Ideally the woven vinyl tablemats should be allowed to dry naturally before being stored away.