Forest Green colour melamine placemats, rigid corkbacked UK made tablemats
  • Forest Green colour melamine placemats, rigid corkbacked UK made tablemats
  • Set of 6 Forest Green melamine placemats, classic corkbacked UK made tablemats

Forest Green Melamine Placemats - Set of 6

Plain, Forest Green colour melamine placemats, UK made. Traditional style with attractive yellow-gold lines around the edge. Part of the Plymouth Pottery range of Regal Pro durable and heat resistant tablemats. Ideal for domestic as well as catering purposes, the green corkbacked place mats are designed to protect your dining table.

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  • Pack of 6
  • Placemats measure: 29.2 x 21.6cm (11.5" x 8.5")
  • Melamine surface, hardboard centre, cork base
  • Unboxed
  • No matching coasters available

Melamine placemats construction

Attractive, heat sealed and durable

The attractive Forest Green coloured Regal Pro melamine placemats are manufactured in the UK and are comprised of a hardboard centre which allows the tablemat to stay rigid, the underneath has a soft cork backed layer which protects the surface of your dining table. The placemat is then topped off with a melamine surface which is heat-sealed and can withstand hot plates up to 150ºC.

The primary advantage of this hard surface is that it prevents moisture from being absorbed into the actual tablemat. The top layer of melamine is very tough and is not only food safe, but it helps prevent the tablemats from becoming scratched or blistering. Typically when the surface of a placemat gets damaged then water and moisture from wine or beer glasses can get under the surface and cause stains and marks to appear.

This type of damage is more likely to happen with the sort of heavy, constant use catering situations faced by pubs, restaurants or care homes. The melamine goes a long way towards maintaining your Plymouth Pottery placemats and coasters in a presentable state for a much longer period than would be expected with standard tablemats.

Classic colours and shades

Forest Green coloured placemats

The Regal Pro range of melamine placemats and coasters are available in various classic colours and shades, in this case the Forest Green colour gives a classic look and feel to your dining room and the green tones blend in nicely with many formal styles of decoration.

The rich green shades are enhanced by the triple gold/yellow lines around the inner border of the placemats, they consist of one thick and two thin lines which highlight the traditional look and feel of the Regal Pro collection.

These stylish rectangular tablemats can be used on their own or, if needed, the matching square drinks coasters are a fantastic addition for holding your wine or water glass.

Placemat UK size and care instructions

Unboxed in sets of six, the Regal Forest Green placemats, UK sized at 29.2cm x 21.6cm (11.5” x 8.5”) have a 3.8mm thickness and are not just an attractive and stylish addition to your dining room, but they are also very simple to maintain. Any stains or food spills can easily be wiped away with a soft damp cloth. The melamine is strong and can stand up to more vigorous rubbing if needed, but using chemicals should be avoided as they could affect the printed colour over time.

The corkbacked and hardboard centre mean the melamine tablemats are not suitable for placing in a dishwasher, neither should they be immersed in water as the cork will absorb the water and damage the base of the placemat.

Stylish Green Placemats

When it comes to decorating our table there are various plain colour options made with a melamine surface suitable for almost any style of decoration, though this style is particularly appropriate for a more formal dining experience

Green placemats are ideal for a traditional setting in which your dinner guests can feel relaxed allowing them to enjoy a harmonious dinner or lunch. These individual tablemats bring a feeling of warmth to our table, making it feel more welcoming with a comfortable atmosphere. They can also be compared to the Cafe Scene design with an image of a classic European street view.

The simple design of these green placemats is enhanced by the stylish but discreet gold-yellow band around the edge which helps create a touch of elegance. There are matching green drinks coasters that can be added to your purchase to complement your green placemats and help decorate your dining table further as well as protect it from water marks.

29.2cm x 21.6cm (11.5" x 8.5")
Set of 6
Care Instructions
Wipe with damp cloth
Heat resistant
Melamine top surface, cork base

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The product is serviceable, durable and looks to be good quality.

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