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Stylish Tablemats, Traditional Placemats Available On Our Site

Traditional & Stylish Tablemats

Protect and decorate your dining or kitchen table with stylish and high quality contemporary tablemats. From traditional non-slip corkbacked place mats with a melamine or a hard, heat resistant, lacquer surface to modern woven vinyl Fleximats. Various designs and colours are available.

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Tablemats to protect your dining table

With a variety of tablemat styles to choose from, it’s important to remember the primary reason for buying any type of protective tablemats. They are designed to protect your dining table from the wear and tear of hot plates, liquid spills, scratches from the base of plates and all sorts of other damage that can occur to your precious table at mealtimes.

No matter how careful your dinner guests are, there’s always someone not far away from spilling or dropping something messy. Better this lands on the Hungry Cats placemats or the retro style floral Ivory Blossom tablemats rather than your precious dining table.

Before the invention of tablemats hosting a dinner would have been fraught for the host concerned about imminent damage to their dining table. Now this can be easily and relatively cheaply avoided whilst at the same time the attractive Plymouth Pottery table mat designs such as these popular gold table mats that provide an attractive talking point for your dinner guests.

Main types of traditional tablemats

At Plymouth Pottery we focus on three main types of dining table placemats, Fleximats and the traditional cork backed placemats which are the original UK tablemats of which there are the melamine and standard type.

Designed to protect your kitchen or dining table as well as display an attractive design. The base of these traditional and stylish table mats and coasters is made from soft cork and protects your table from scratches and scuffing, the centre is made from pulped chipboard and is around 5mm thick. This thickness of these contemporary placemats prevents heat from damaging or “blooming” the varnish of your dining table.

The surface is then heat sealed and contains an attractive print design, such as the Cafe Scene street pattern. These types of modern placemats, such as the Sunset design, or the Majestic placemats, perfectly combine two tasks: protecting your table and providing an attractive decoration.

Traditional to contemporary place mats and tablemats

Also available is the woven vinyl Fleximats which are a more recent version of the classic tablemat, made from a PVC vinyl material they are flexible and designed to save your table from scratches, minor spills and provide an adequate, but lower heat protection than the traditional corkbacked Plymouth Pottery placemats. These stylish tablemats are still sufficient to prevent damage to your table.

The Fleximats are an ideal option for everyday dining and these place mats are available in a variety of simple colours to match your kitchen or dining room décor. When not in use they can be conveniently rolled up and stored.

For more durable requirements Plymouth Pottery have a classic range of melamine place mats, which have a very heat resistant surface with a 3.8mm thickness and are idea for restaurants or heavy usage environments. The surface of these plain melamine tablemats will last longer than the classic mats and are available in a range of plain colours.