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Drinks Coasters

Protective Drinks Coasters

Decorate and protect your table

Drinks coasters are not just a functionable accessory for protecting your furniture, whether that is a desk, dining table, sideboard or other tabletop surface that you want to keep looking nice and free of stains and moisture from our hot or cold drinks.

They are not only used around the home, but placemats and coasters are saving tabletops in restaurants, offices, bars and hotels. With various types of coaster in use and the high visibility of them, as they need to be always visible and ready to be used, they form an attractive component of the decoration of the room where we are enjoying an aperitif with friends and family or a formal dining occasion with matching placemats.

Whilst modern coasters can be in just about any material or shape you can imagen, they are always going to be noticed and will bring a decorative touch to your event. This is why it is important to select a design and style of coaster, such as the Hungry Cats animal coasters, that will enhance and complement your décor.

Hungry Cats drinks coasters set
Coaster patent registered in Paris 1892

A Little bit of coaster history

With a quick look at the history books we can find the origins of the modern day coaster and how they became a fundamental part of our homes and dining establishments. Drinks coasters first made an appearance in Germany thanks to the Henschel brothers who discovered that pieces of card worked wonders at protecting their tables from careless beer drinkers.

This led to Paris in 1879 to the first coasters patent as a way of counting the number of beers a client has consumed. Fast forward thirteen years to Albert Faivre who in 1892 had the great idea of creating a patent for drinks coasters made from a range of materials, starting with sponge and wood. This paved the way for the introduction of various coloured coasters and from there it didn’t take long for the beverage makers of the day to start printing their own logos and brands onto coasters.

After spreading throughout the bars and restaurants of the world as a way to protect your table and publicise your brand at the same time, the next step was, around thirty years later, to incorporate the humble drinks coaster into the everyday home as a decorative accessory which can double up as a table protector.

Variety of coasters

With a wide variety of drinks coasters for use around the home, the disposable drinks coaster started to take a hold, made from toughened paper or cardboard they absorb the moisture from drinks, but it’s never very long before they have to be thrown away.

A more practical and environmentally friendly option is to create stylish drinks coasters with a percentage of wood and a durable top surface so that they can stay attractive and functional and last for many years. Nowadays these tend to be like the range from Plymouth Pottery, which have a soft cork backing to ensure your tabletop is protected with either a melamine or hard lacquer surface.

Both types of surface are to one degree or another resistant to water spills and heat-resistant. The variety of designs available is wide enough to find a pattern, or plain colour, which would work perfectly with the décor of most homes and keep your tabletops safe from heat and moisture.

Plymouth Pottery Streets of London drinks coasters set