How to Choose Corkbacked Placemats

How to Choose Corkbacked Placemats

Choosing Corkbacked Placemats

Decorate your dining room furniture

Whether we have a business or simply want to decorate our table in a different way, corkbacked placemats have become a more than reliable alternative for this. Leaving to one side the theme of decoration, in recent years we have seen the format change from the typical tablecloths that covered the entire table to looking for individual tablemats. This is not only because they are cheaper, but also because they are easier to maintain, making them a much more hygienic solution.

On what basis to choose corkbacked placemats? As we have mentioned, this type of tablemat is being used more and more, especially in hospitality, but would any tablemat work? What should you look for to make the right choice? You just have to keep reading for us to answer those questions.

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Design choices for corkbacked placemats

This is essential when choosing our placemats. The reason is simple, they must match both the decoration of the room where they are placed, be it is in a restaurant or a house, as well as coordinating with the rest of the table. In this last point we must emphasize that if the table is decorated with for example a Christmas or seasonal motif (depending on the time of year), the tablemats must work with that design.

Related to the previous point, you have to look at not only the design as a whole, but also the colours of each table mat. So that they do not stand out too much with respect to the dinner service, but also that they do not go unnoticed, hence a balance must always be sought between these aspects.

Size measurements for your placemats

When the dinner plates are laid out, you have the choice of the standard UK style tablemats which just cover the size of the plate, typically sizes are around 30cm x 22cm. Or the larger contintental size where the tablemats cover both the plate and the cutlery, with space to spare. In that space it should be possible to place for example a wine glass or bread. The larger placemats usually measure about 30 centimeters by 40 centimeters.

We have the best cork backed placemats, UK designed, at Plymouth Pottery. Since not just any old tablemats will work for any table, we take care of being able to provide you with just what you need at all times. We have a wide range that allows you to select the appropriate style from different types of tablemats according to each moment. If you have any questions both in the purchase process and about what we can offer you, you just have to contact us.

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