Vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats
  • Close up of vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats
  • Vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats by Plymouth Pottery
  • Dining table setting of vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats
  • Vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats with teapot
  • Vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats
  • Teapot in view of all four vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats
  • Reverse side Vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats all four
  • Vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats with serviette
  • Vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats reverse side showing all 4 placemats
  • Reverse side of vibrant green Verdigris woven vinyl tablemats rolled up in focus

Verdigris Fleximats - Set of 4 Tablemats

Fleximats made from woven vinyl, these tablemats are designed for daily use by Plymouth Pottery. Large size flexible placemats, 45cm x 35cm. The "Verdgris" pattern is a reversible design in a vibrant green colour with a subdued outline of Gingko leaves in blue. The reverse side switches the blue and green colours around allowing you to select either version for your dining table.

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  • Pack of 4
  • Placemats measure: 45 x 35cm (17.75" x 11.25")
  • Floppy, flexible, woven vinyl
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Large size woven vinyl tablemats

Floppy table placemats collection

Fleximats are the ideal solution for keeping your furniture free of any scuffs and marks that always seem to happen during mealtimes. This woven vinyl textile range from Plymouth Pottery is a modern, contemporary style of reversible tablemats and serve as an excellent alternative to our traditional corkbacked placemats.

The Verdigris Fleximat is reversible with one side a bright green colour and the reverse side is a shade of turquoise with the outline of three leaves on each side.

Large size floppy and flexible placemats which have been woven from a food safe textile compound. The tablemats are printed with a simple flowery outline and protects to your precious dining or kitchen table, keeping it free of scratches and heat blemishes often caused by dinner plates.

Floppy, vinyl table placmats

Fleximats 45cm x 30cm, set of 4

Supplied as sets of 4, these non-rigid table placemats are a generous large size of 45cm x 30cm (17.75 x 11.25 inches). This oversize tablemat allows you to keep your dinner plate, cutlery and wine glass together on the same flexible place mat. This avoids the necessity of a separate drinks coaster.

Two of the advantages of the set of four Fleximats are the flexibility and strength provided by the PVC woven vinyl textile material and is the perfect solution to protect your table. The non-slip texture of the woven vinyl is another of the benefits that the Fleximat has compared to traditional linen or cotton tablemats. This means there will be a reduced chance of the placemats sliding around your table like a cotton tablemat might.

Recommendations for caring for your Fleximat

Looking after your vinyl placemats

In order to get the most out of your Verdigris Fleximats you should quickly wipe them clean with a bit of soap and water (an antibacterial soap is fine) and a soft cloth, as soon as possible after they have been used. To remove any stubborn food stains just gently rub the relevant area with a soft brush. You should try and get rid of any food stains immediately. Let the mats dry naturally before putting them away.

Flexible table placemats should ideally be stored flat and not creased or folded. The Plymouth Pottery Fleximats are a tabletop solution which is child friendly and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Avoid leaving them too long in direct sunlight and do not place them in the dishwasher or washing machine.

45cm x 30cm (17.75" x 11.25")
Set of 4
Care Instructions
Wipe with damp cloth
Heat resistant
Woven vinyl

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Very pleased

I love them for my dining table they are great value and look so expensive

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