Cats Placemats

Cats Placemats

Stylish Cats Placemats

Essential placemats for your home

When we start decorating our home, we tend to concentrate to on the big ticket items of the kitchen, dining room or living room. The curtains and stylish furniture are undoubtedly important and are the main attraction for our rooms, but when it comes to the details and the accessories it’s amazing what can be achieved with a simple set of tablemats. A cool set of cats placemats can completely change the style of your kitchen or dining table.

There is an enormous variety of designs and mats made from all sorts of diverse materials, such as melamine, corkbacked, slate, paper or woven vinyl and a spectrum of designs ranging from plain, to floral and animal themes. All of which will serve their purpose of protecting your furniture, so why choose the Plymouth Pottery Hungry Cats placemats?

Hungry Cats placemats on table
cat outstaring everybody

An entertaining choice of tablemats

You don’t need to be a cat lover to find the Hungry Cats placemats adorable, who couldn’t find them irresistible? The cats look like the high maintenance variety, the ones who appear to love you completely, so long as you don’t wait too long to fill up their bowls. The stylish look and feel of these tablemats are the ideal addition for an entertaining and light hearted tabletop saver that will keep your dinner guests entertained.

Not just a fun addition for your grown loved ones, but also the younger members of your family will find the cats placemats a fun way to enjoy mealtimes. It might even be enough to keep them sitting at the dinner table until everyone has finished their meal. If not, an alternative design of cork backed placemats such as the snazzy Harlequin pattern is worth considering.

Cats at your table

What a great way to bring a touch of fun to your kitchen or dining table by having these entertaining and stylish placemats take centre stage. It’s a fantastic way to add a smile to your face, never mind everyone elses. Ideal choice for everyday and casual use at mealtimes.

No need to stop with the place mats, the Hungry Cats placemats have matching drinks coasters. These square coasters can be spread out around the home and ready for use whenever you or someone else has a drink in hand.

With the same image of cats against a blue-grey background they will blend in nicely with the décor of most rooms, which keeps them functional. The fun cat design is therefore always on display and permanently adding an informal and light touch to the tabletop of any room.

Plymouth Pottery Hungry Cats placemats