London Placemats

London Placemats

Streets of London Placemats

Art and beauty in your home

There is a wide variety of designs printed on placemat, from fun and informal decorations to real works of art by authors such as Richard Macneil who want to spread and express their work in everyday objects, such as the Streets of London Placemats.

They are tablemats that reflect the charm of the streets of London with its characteristic rainy climate as well as its peculiar taxis and its characteristic red double-decker buses that attract such international attention.

These placemats are really beautiful, highlighting well known areas of Central London and characteristic buildings of the City such as Westminster Bridge, Piccadilly, Tower Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Whitehall.

Each individual mat offers a different scene full of charm and beauty, which will make your table a focus of art and elegance with which to pleasantly surprise your dinner guests. The charmingly individual design of each Richard Macneil tablemat makes it unique and special, so each diner will enjoy a different scene, guaranteed to make the evening an interesting and memorable.

rainy London street scene
rain on London street

Advantages of Plymouth Pottery placemats

Our London Placemats are not only ideal as decorative elements in any room in your home, not just your dining room or kitchen, but they also serve a practical purpose that makes them perfect for using both day-to-day and for special occasions.

The main material used in these placemats is hardboard with a cork base. They have a moisture and heat-proof quality, so you can place both hot or cold drinks as well as hot plates on them without causing rings or other damage to the surface of your furniture.

The key component of our tablemats is the hard top, heat-sealed surface, which is applied on top of the Streets of London print design and that prevents liquids or heat from affecting the appearance of the artwork. The base of our Plymouth Pottery mats is made of soft cork, which is a very natural, insulating resource and protects your table from the effects of both hot and cold objects. The cork also prevents your placemats from slipping or shifting during your meal. The rigid style also stops any liquids from leaking onto your tabletop.

Caring for your London placemats

Maintenance is very simple, making them ideal for our day-to-day use, they just need to be wiped with a damp cloth and they will be ready for the next sitting. They are also easy to store and take up little space, making them a simple easy option for setting up and clearing up your dining table.

Having these wonderful Streets of London placemats on your table is not only going to make life easier but they are an open window to a world of art and decoration that your guests will be sure to enjoy.

Streets of London placemats