Orange Placemats and Coasters

Orange Placemats and Coasters

Set of Orange Coasters and Placemats

Table decoration

We can give a different air to our kitchen or dining table just by adding a touch of colour, for example with orange placemats and coasters designs that will bring freshness, as well as being practical, when you sit down to the table. This type of placemats and drinks coasters are elements that will complement the presentation of your table giving colour and a touch of elegance. This will work for all types of situations or for any celebration in which you will meeting with family or friends.

They are a very practical and ideal decorative complement, creating a wonderful sense of colour and joy to your dining or kitchen table. The drinks coasters can also be used separately in any other room in the house, basically wherever you want to generate a new and fun touch. It is not necessary to invest in a complete remodeling of a particular space to give a change of image to your kitchen or dining room. With a simple decorative touch, adding colour and elements such as placemats and coasters in combination with curtains, furniture and crockery, you will create a new style for your home.

Sunset orange placemats and coasters
Fun image of pineapples in kitchen

Easy clean durable tablemats

A set of orange placemats and coasters not only add colour and brings a warm atmosphere to your table, but these rigid tablemats also bring a high degree of durability and resistance. The primary objective is to protect your table from unexpected spills and scratches and as these place mats have a soft cork backing they comfortably achieve this goal.

These Plymouth Pottery placemats and coasters are extremely durable, they can withstand high temperatures and are very easy to clean with just a damp cloth, allowing you to relax when sitting at your table, especially with children around at mealtimes.

Fun to your dining-table

Add some colour and fun to your dining table with a set of orange placemats and coasters, these colourful tablemats encompass designs that will not only be suitable for a modern home but they are the ideal choice for almost any environment or decorative style. They are all you need to customise the presentation of your kitchen or dining table to your own personal taste. Just by adding a touch of colour the Sunset placemats will bring a sense of joy to the table making mealtimes more informal and fun.

Surprise your guests and dare to use such a strong colour as orange to bring freshness and warmth to your table décor. You will be seen as a great host, regardless of whether you are celebrating something special for yourself or simply enjoying the daily routine of life with your family.

Sunset orange placemats and coasters