Placemats and Coasters

Placemats and Coasters

Placemats and Coasters, UK Sized Tableware

Tabletop protectors

We might sometimes question whether we need in our homes a set of placemats and coasters, obviously at Plymouth Pottery we hope you decide that you need more than one set. The doubts we may have can be overcome when we look at some of the practical benefits they play around the home and in protecting our tableware.

Generally speaking in the UK, placemats and coasters are bought together and are the same design to create a feeling of harmony and uniformity with our tabletop décor. With the particular design dependant upon the tastes of each person.

However your place mats and coasters are not only decorative, they serve the very useful purpose of protecting your tabletops and furniture from the heat rings created by plates or mugs, liquid spills or scratches which are difficult to remove.

White Poppies placemats and coasters set on wooden table
water stain on wooden table without using coasters

Placemats and coasters for cleaner tables

We are always in a hurry with less and less time for our daily tasks, so we are constantly looking for time saving tactics and gadgets to make our life a bit more comfortable. That’s why the Plymouth Pottery placemats and coasters are a practical option for your home, being easy to clean wipe a damp cloth, if needed. They can then be quickly stacked away in a drawer until the next mealtime.

This allows us to spend less time clearing up after our loved ones have abandoned the dinner table and giving us the opportunity to spend more time relaxing with them, while at the same time keeping our kitchen or dining room nice and orderly.

It’s a small detail, but the protection provided by the placemats and coasters, UK sized at a convenient 29.2cm x 21.6cm – 11.5” x 8.5”, keeps your table safe. This is particularly useful with varnished wooden surfaces which are easily affected by hot plates and moisture from cups - see image for example.

Tabletop design trends

A lot of people already know exactly the placemat design they want and the theme they have in mind for presenting their dining table in a modern or fashionable manner. In reality the choice of placemats and coasters is directly connected to your own personal tastes and how they will blend nicely with the rest of the décor in the kitchen or dining room.

Others choose to generate a colourful visual effect that makes your table stand out, both visually and aesthetically, creating a rustic, modern or vintage feel to your dining experience. Floral designs such as the White Poppies are a popular pattern of placemats and coasters, UK design that matches and coordinates well with many types of decorative themes. Through to the very durable and more traditional, plain colour melamine placemats.

Whichever Plymouth Pottery design you select, the important point is it contributes to heightening those special moments with your family and friends and at a minimum reduces the anxiety of your loved ones inadvertently damaging your precious dining table.

White Poppies floral placemats and coasters UK sized