Elegant Table Mats

Elegant Table Mats

Elegant sets of tablemats

Decorative placemats

Nowadays, tableware products such as tablecloths, tablemats and drinks coasters are becoming more and more important as a tool to keep the table clean not only at home but also in restaurants, general catering establishments and hotels.

These products prevent the unwanted stains from glasses and plates getting on the tablecloth, so they are the perfect choice for keeping a clean table throughout the evening meal. In this way the right set of elegant table mats will give your dining table an unforgettable atmosphere. One which is full of luxury by combining them with some beautiful floral arrangements and a decoration that matches the chosen colour of your dining room’s décor.

Sunset elegant table placemats
Every day dining table

Placemats for all dining events

The elegant table mats such as the Sunset design are a set of modern placemats made with the best materials with a cork backing. They are rigid individual mats, with a heat-sealed surface over the elegant Plymouth Pottery printed design which can be floral, geometric, or minimalist, with patterns and colours to suit the needs of each customer.

Some mats have a hard melamine surface and cork backing and others are woven vinyl Fleximats, both tabletop savers act not only as decorative elegant placemats on your kitchen or dining table but also prevent scratches that can damage your furniture or stains that can spoil your tablecloth.

The Plymouth Pottery tablemats are ideal for any mealtime since they will add colour, elegance, and clean look to your event, in which your guests will be comfortable and feel relaxed throughout their dinner or lunch. The range of elegant table mats is available with different patterns and theme all of which will give a distinctive touch to your tabletop.

Tablemats for everyone's taste

There are numerous designs and models of elegant table mats in the home furnishings market, which allows each person to adapt to the decoration of their dining room with a choice of various colours, shapes, and textures among the contemporary placemats by Plymouth Pottery. You will find something that will undoubtedly suit your taste and preferences in terms of how you want to display your dining-table.

For those who are looking for colour and fun in their decoration, then a cheerful design such as the Harlequin cork backed placemats are going to be your choice. For those who seek simplicity and sobriety, there are the plain colour melamine table mats which have a softer and more traditional theme. Those who are in touch with nature may coordinate their tabletop with the Spring tablemats design which has curving floral motifs against a white background.

In any case, any of the Plymouth Pottery elegant contemporary table mats will give a sense of style to any event you organise - just have to choose the perfect design that best matches your personality and your dining rooms decorative look and feel.

Sunset placemats on white tablecloth