Modern Placemats

Modern Placemats

Stylish Modern Placemats

Bright and lively placemats

Having modern placemats on your table is symbol of high fashion and modernity. Displaying a set of table mats with a unique design shows off your table and gives it a touch of elegance appropriate for any dining event.

Easily turn your table into a wonderful and elegant setting for that special dinner or important lunch, with a set of modern placemats or table mats and coaster sets. The perfect choice for this kind of event, as it will provide your table with a different, but sophisticated touch, for those special moments. An excellent option is the Harlequin corkbacked colourful placemats, the ideal set of contemporary table mats to create a simple but brightly coloured surrounding for your dining table. Turning your lunches or dinners into fun, enjoyable occasions where your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Harlequin colourful modern placemats on a vintage wooden table
Red woven vinyl modern placemat with chop sticks

Dinner parties with modern placemats

Another option to create a sense of luxury and elegance for your special event from the range of modern placemats, are the Carbon fleximats which have a wonderful floral design and an elegant dark grey colour.

Made from a special fabric of woven, these stylish placemats are light, flexible and very easy to clean. In addition, they are the ideal size at 45cm x 30cm for holding your dinner plate and cutlery. Your events will surely be memorable with either of these modern table mats and will help your perfect evening progress nicely in the company of good friends and family.

Rigid and flexible tablemats

Both the Plymouth Pottery rigid and flexible contemporary table mats are made from high quality materials and will survive the passage of time and more importantly preserve your dining or kitchen table in an optimal condition.

Of course, the cork backed placemats range, such as the Majestic cork backed placemats, or the woven vinyl modern placemats can also be used in the day-to-day mealtimes and can bring a touch of colour to your breakfast table. Why not help start your day with an uplifting feeling created by these colourful dining table placemats. This range also includes a selection of modern floral placemats designs to explore which can be a pleasant contrast compared to the more classic melamine placemats.

Wherever you decide to use your contemporary placemats, or even decide to try some traditional place mats, whether in the kitchen or the dining room they are sure to bring many years of fun and enjoyment to those meals whilst keeping your dining table free of any damage from careless diners.

Cheers at modern dinner party

Designer placemats

The concept of design based, cutting edge place mats can be open to interpretation, but we would broadly speaking consider a contemporary pattern such as those found on the Plymouth Pottery Radiance or Majestic tablemats, to be classified as designer. This is primarily because they use bold colours and are very different compared to a more traditional type of placemat design, such as the floral patterns of the Plymouth Red Poppies tablemats.

Alternatively modern, designer placemats could be because they are made from an exotic type of material, not usually connected to a set of table placemats. For example, stylish placemats made from Capiz shells by the tabletop designer Kim Seybert start from over £400. Alternative design led placemats options can be found within the Plymouth Pottery range at more accessible price points. This is particularly important when you have different placemat designs for each dining occasion.

Stylish placemats

Finding the right stylish placemats for every dining occasion can be a challenge and the more practical option is to have a variety of designs that you can use depending on the event. The idea is that a set of stylish placemats will complement the existing décor in your kitchen or dining room, rather than fight with your current colour scheme.

To that end a design which is fairly subtle will work across many different dining situations, but without being too plain, although simple, single colour tablemats do have their place. Something like the Plymouth Pottery White Poppies pattern is a popular choice in this respect as the grey/blue shades do not over power existing colour schemes. The result is a set of stylish placemats that are very attractive and easy on the eye at the same time.

Another option is to bring some funky tablemats to your dining table with a set of the Sunset tablemats, these are very stylish placemats that have a modern and contemporary look to them. They will certainly enhance the look of your wooden furniture with the different shades of orange and brown found in this modern pattern.

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