Floral Placemats

Floral Placemats

Floral placemats and coasters, UK Size

Decorative Placemats

Selecting the right set of placemats for your kitchen or dining table or your breakfast bar might seem like a simple and unimportant task, but they are not just a solution to protect your furniture against heat damage, scratches and scrapes. The right design contributes towards the decorative style of your room and most importantly tablemats can set the atmosphere for whatever dining event you have planned.

The reality is they are a form of functional beauty and for example a set of floral placemats such as these fantastic Ivory Blossom tablemats, can enhance the look and feel of your space and create a natural ambience for your gastronomic event.

For your reunions with friends and family it’s nice to have a touch of colour created from the stylish floral placemats, UK sized, to help amplify the feelings around the table. Creating a sense of Nature through a set of colourful flowery tablemats can contribute to creating connexions around your table.

image of flowers in a field
Daisy Square corkbacked floral placemats

Stylish table top savers

Introduce a special feel to your mealtimes with the style and elegance that a set of floral placemats can create just with that standout and bring a sense of life and vitality to your tabletop presentation. All can be achieved with designs depicting landscapes, flowers and fabulously coloured leaves, ready to surprise and please your dinner guests.

The perfect choice for any time of the year, bringing subtle colours to your dinner table, such as the subdued yellows and browns of the Daisy Squares corkbacked placemats or the leaf prints featuring in many of the Fleximats range of woven vinyl tablemats. Each type of floral placemat can generate a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Great floral placemats choice

Within the range of Plymouth Pottery floral place mats there is a wide selection to choose from. With designs of flowers on the traditional corkbacked placemats and the contemporary styles of woven vinyl Fleximats. Deciding between the different colours and shades is down more to the personal tastes of each person.

The corkbacked floral placemats, UK size, have a hard laminated and heat-sealed surface and a rigid hardboard centre. The vibrant tones of the flowers and leaves are a great option for both formal and informal dining occasions and prevent any careless guests from damaging your surfaces.

The flexible and floppy woven vinyl Fleximats have the added bonus of being reversible. With the floral pattern displayed on each side, but in slightly different colours, it gives you the option of instantly changing the style of your dining table. Regardless of the type of floral placemat and coasters you select, both the corkbacked and the modern table mats of the Fleximats range are easy to clean, keeping the flower design looking fresh and natural.

White Poppies floral placemats UK sized