Cork Backed Placemats

Cork Backed Placemats

Stylish Cork Backed Sets of Placemats

Essential tablemats

If you have become fed up with having to remove scratches and heat marks on your precious dining table, then it’s probably time to look at getting a set of cork backed placemats. They will protect your table from moisture rings and heat damage as well as damage caused by the rough underside of some plates.

There’s nothing wrong with using a tablecloth to protect your table, but rigid, durable cork backed placemats give an additional level of protection and are easy to maintain. At the same they add a stylish and decorative factor to our dining table, with a range of attractive designs to choose from and for all types of dining occasions.

The pattern on each set of tablemats can be easily switched depending upon whether it’s a casual get together with friends and family, or a more formal event. This type of placemat from Plymouth Pottery is also the perfect option for day-to-day mealtimes, from an early breakfast through to a late supper.

Spring cork backed placemats
Streets of London cork backed placemats

Advantages of cork backed placemats

One of the main advantages we can see when we select a set of cork backed placemats for our dining table is the protection they give to our furniture, particularly wooden tables with a varnished finish. This rigid type of stylish tablemat prevents liquid from getting through to the wood surface, but the main advantage is they stop the heat from your plate from damaging your tabletop. This “blooming” effect caused by heat removes the layer of varnish leaving a white mark which is difficult to correct. The layer of soft cork on the base of the placemats is the ideal material to also avoid the placemat itself from scratching your table.

The warm room temperatures and a cold drink are another source of damage to your table, as the liquid perspires on your glass and leaves a ring. A set of Plymouth Pottery cork backed placemats and coasters are the way to side step these issues.

The best option for your table

With these advantages the cork backed placemats are perfect for protecting your table and the durability of these rigid tablemats and coasters means they will last for many years. With the variety of designs available you can choose the pattern and colour combination that works best for your kitchen or dining room. From classic floral tablemats like the Daisy Square collection, to modern placemats with an elegant touch such as the Sunset design.

The ability to change your design depending upon the dinner event you have planned is a great side benefit of the Plymouth Pottery cork backed placemats. Particularly with set of 6 tablemats selling from £22.75 and matching cork backed coasters from £8.95. This great value for money is a perfect price to not only save and protect your precious dining table, but look wonderful at the same time.

Tips for cork backed placemats uk size

Ideally the cork on the base of the placemats should not overlap the edge of the actual place mat, but should be applied evenly up to the edge of the mats. Cork backed placemats, UK size and including the melamine version, that are manufactured by Plymouth Pottery always have the cork applied to the base in this manner.

Of all the tips for corkbacked placemats the most important one is to make sure the cork is nice and soft, but not quite spongy, so that your tabletop surfaces are never going to get damaged by any rough edges. The cork itself does not need to be particularly thick as the job is to be non-slip yet smooth, something which this natural material is ideally suited for.

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