Set of 6 Placemats

Set of 6 Placemats

Elegant Set of 6 Placemats

Change of scenary

One of the most frequently used table accessories is the classic linen table cloth, to which is often added a set of 6 placemats. These not only protect your dining table for all sorts of mealtime disasters, such as scratches from plates or moisture from glasses, but they also bring a wonderful decorative element to your table. Creating whatever type of elegant décor you wish, whether modern or classic.

There is wide range of designs to choose from in the world of tablemats, ranging from various colours, materials and patterns. The choice is yours to select the right design to display your dining table in the best light possible.

Summer Gold set of 6 placemats
Streets of London set of 6 placemats

Variety of designs

The range of designs for a set of 6 placemats is varied and can be adapted to whichever style of decoration you have favoured for your home. From modern placemats designs to more classical, natural looks, through to stylish landscapes found in the Summer Gold tablemats design, a gentle timeless design depicting geese flying over a sun soaked landscaped, creating an effect of predominantly golden orange placemats with a touches of brown, gold and green to makes us feel connected to Nature.

For those searching for a more cityscape feel are the Streets of London placemats, which convey to your dining table some of the iconic streets and buildings found across London. All of which are captured in the typical light rain backdrop frequently found in the British capital and reproduced here by the artist Richard Macneil.

Day to day quality

One of the benefits of this collection of elegant cork backed placemats from Plymouth Pottery is they not only bring a breath of fresh air to your dining table, but they can add a sparkle to mealtimes. This can be applied to both formal and informal gatherings of friends and family.

The corkbacked dining table placemats are rigid with a hardboard centre and a soft cork backing, with the surface being heat-sealed to create all round protection from moisture and scratches to your furniture while protecting the stylish artwork under the surface of the tablemat.

Another advantage is the quality of the set of 6 placemats allows them to last for many years and they can be easily cleaned by simply wiping them with a damp cloth. The contemporary placemats are rigid and are easy to store by stacking them in a cupboard when not needed, after making sure the hard surface is dry and not damp after being wiped clean.

Take the plunge and try a set of stylish cork backed tablemats to decorate your dining table and surprise your dinner guests creating a wonderful atmosphere with your elegant set of 6 placemats and coasters.

What are the best traditional placemats?

Traditional placemats would normally be described as being the classic cork backed style supplied by Plymouth Pottery. Having been around for a number of years the technique for manufacturing has been honed and refined to create the ideal end result.

When it comes to the set of 6 traditional placemats design then the choice for the best option is really down to the individual tastes of each consumer. With a floral pattern such as the Antique Bloom tablemats being one of the traditional flower based designs that also works well with many traditional dining rooms.

Summer Gold set of 6 placemats on white tablecloth