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Stylish table placemats

Decorative tabletop protection

What better way to create the ideal ambiance than with a set of table placemats. Appropriate for just about any event, they will instantly bring a decorative touch to your dining room. Not only for those grand occasions, but a set of tablemats are also the perfect way to make day to day dining easy and uncomplicated. In no time at all you can lay the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner and equally importantly they take can be quickly stacked away when finished with; allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks.

Compared to the alternatives of using a traditional tablecloth as a tabletop protector, the table placemats have a couple of advantages. One of these is the ease with which you can not only protect and decorate your kitchen or dining furniture, but cleaning up after each meal is much less of a burden. The Plymouth Pottery cork backed placemats just need a quick wipe with a damp cloth and then they can be put away in a cupboard ready for the next meal.

The other advantage is the convenient way you can change the decorative theme of your dining area by switching the design of your table placemats.

Sable Fleximats table placemats
Summer Gol table placemats

Why use individual table placemats?

Compared to the cloth material of a classic tablecloth, the corkbacked table placemats by Plymouth Pottery are rigid with a hard, durable surface and will protect and preserve your kitchen or dining-table for many years. At the end of the day that is what these tablemats are designed to do - keep your tabletop looking as fresh as the day you bought it.

The individual tablemats act as a shield between the diner and your furniture preventing all sorts of spills and stains from getting through to the surface of your furniture. For varnished wooden surfaces the most damaging would be the rings left by hot plates which can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

With various types of table placemats available in different sizes, from woven vinyl Fleximats to traditional cork backed placemat sets, there is sure to be an option which works for your décor.

Decorative individual tablemats

With decorative tablemats supplied in a variety of designs and colours, from floral themes, to landscapes such as the Summer Gold and modern collages of colourful patterns such as the stylish Majestic contemporary placemats. The cork backed range of individual tablemats from Plymouth Pottery are supplied as sets of six and most of the designs can be accompanied by matching square drinks coasters.

With design options for use all year round you can easily find a theme which suits your mood or the occasion from the Plymouth Pottery range of table placemats.

Majestic table placemats